Welcome to "42 Years on the Losing Side"
by Jack Foster.

This online scrapbook contains just some of my stories as a police officer for 42 1/2 years - from 1943 as a cadet to 1986, retiring as a small-town chief.


Why did I say " "42 Years on the Losing Side"?

I always felt that the victim was the ultimate loser. Whether they suffer physically, emotionally or financially, they lose.

The perpetrator, on the other hand, may only suffer temporarily in a justice system that pampers the criminals. Short sentences, probation several times before they see the inside of a jail, and, of all things, late-house arrests or community service. What a joke!

You wonder why crime is on the increase - no deterrent.

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Webmaster Notes:

When my Dad first produced a scrapbook of his experiences as a police officer, it was necessarily limited in distibution, but he did make a few copies for members of our immediate family. When I saw it, I was determined to put it into digital form so that it could be shared more widely.

What you will see on this site is a scrapbook. The alignment won't always be perfect because the clippings were loosely placed in plastic envelopes, and the scanning of pictures from the newspaper articles will be imperfect because of the difficulty of matching up dots in print media with the dots needed to display pictures on a computer screen.

None of that matters.

I throughly enjoyed going through this material and learning about the things my father did when I was much too young for him to tell me about them. I hope you enjoy this valuable record of a life of community service as you read it for yourself.

In the future I hope to add to this site with more details and video of my Dad recounting some of these stories.

- Bob Foster

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